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Welcome to Handmadebytamzin.


After having a career for many years in theatre and then becoming a Mum, I was suddenly faced with the reality of just how hard it was going to be to bring up my kids and work within the gruelling and unpredictable hours of theatre. So it then became obvious that it was time for a career change! 


Over the last years apart from being a full time Mum, in those very rare moments between remembering to buy nappies and deciding what the next meal was going to be, I would haul my sewing machine out onto the kitchen table and try and create something that would give me just a few minutes to myself, giving me a new burst of energy to face the next bout of sleepless nights! Those moments didn’t happen often, so my road to a new career has been a long and patient one!


My inspiration for these creations is actually my kids; I found that all the lovely things I had imagined buying or being given when I had my own kids were just not practical. They would often be in pale colours that showed the dirt, were hard to wash and generally kid-unfriendly fabrics which were often really overpriced. My kids continue to be my inspiration as they are my biggest critique and everything is run past them first... if they don’t like it, it generally means that no one else will either!


Everything I make is made with care and thought with the aim to make you feel happy, cheerful and surrounded by loveliness – and of course wanting more! 




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